The Exaltics

For over 20 years by now Robert Heise is a part of the electronic music scene. He started his career as resident DJ at the Club Kasablanca in Jena, where he performed with big players such as Robert Hood, Jeff Mills or Claude Young. While organizing several Electronica parties in and around Jena he was able to show his talents and give the parties/ music his own drive. Robert founded the project The Exaltics in 2006 as well as the electro/ techno label SolarOneMusic with his long term friend Nico Jagiella. Since then he published countless 12"s and several LP's with labels like Clone, Crème Organization, Bunker or his own label SolarOneMusic. He turned his deep cinematic and most of all charismatic electro into  his own trademark. Another signature are his special dark driven Acid Techno. During his live performances Robert present his unique version of electro and acid music. He always stands for pure energy during his live performances.

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The Exaltics - Das Heise Experiment 2

The Exaltics - Das Heise Experiment 2

Das Heise Experiment 2" marks the 6th album of The Exaltics. Lovely presented on double 10" vinyl with full cover artwork from non other than the mighty Godspill, who also designed the pre release of this album with an amazing looking shape picture disc. To hold things special the guys from SolarOneMusic put a full comic with the story of "Das Heise Experiment" in each record. The music ranges from dark experimental techno, electro, ambient and soundtrackish nightmares which goes perfect with the story of the comic. Also Drexciya's Gerald Donald collaborates with The Exaltics for one track , which is one of the highlights of the album. This music is nothing for the club its much more, a complete story to feel. Turn your headphones on and dive into the world of aliens, scientists and distant gallaxies. All records come with a comic book!!!

The Exaltics and Rudolf Klorzeiger Video

Video Premiere: The Exaltics and Rudolf Klorzeiger - 00044.00.1.5

Premiere: The guys from the29nov films did a perfect video for the collaboration track from me with Rudolf Klorzeiger from Dopplereffekt. Its included on the brand new DAS HEISE EXPERIMENT 2 Album on Solar One Music. Follow us into the darkness...

Dimensions Festival - Podcast

Dimensions Festival - Podcast

For mix number 111 in the Dimensions Mix Series, we're arriving with something very special indeed. Combining FX and synth work alongside unreleased material, we're proud to present an extremely rare mix from The Exaltics. Mysterious, understated and prolific, Robert Witschakowski has, through his Exaltics moniker, alongside Nico Jagiella, as Crotapyhtus and alongside Gerald Donald as Project STS-31, pushed the boundaries of the electro form as far as almost any artist alive today. Through his Solar One label and his numerous productions he stands as one of the most important figures in the scene - a pinnacle he's reached without hype or gimmicky approaches to self promotion. In the next 60 minutes you'll hear exactly why The Exaltics reputation is so deserved as he delivers a mix that is undeniably his own. Featuring The Exaltics, Dopplereffekt, Urban Tribe aka Dj Stingray, Elecktroids and many more - Buckle up!

Das Heise Experiment 2 (The Prequel)

Das Heise Experiment 2 (The Prequel)

The Exaltics are back with new transmissions from their universe in form of the second part of "Das Heise Experiment". The first part from 2013 on Abstract Acid will see his follow up end of 2017 on 2xLP inclusive a Comic book about the story of the Heise Experiment. This amazing looking shape picture disc, developed with the dutch artist Godspill aka Mehdi Rouchiche, is "The Prequel" release and sees The Exaltics in assault mode. Side A brings a stomper in typical exaltics style with deep strings and a pumping bassline like an alien invasion which is on course to earth. Side B begins with a cryptic alien speech signal transmitted direct from the universe whilst the second track is a collaboration track with non other than Dopplereffekt´s Rudolf Klorzeiger. Both artists together create a timeless electro voyage with sharp snares and fast running basslines and combine their both styles perfectly together. Every record comes with a download code for the release itself and 3 exclusive bonus tracks. This release is strictly limited to 500 copies. The outer contour of the picture is also the contour of the record and makes this release to something really special and to a high collectable item.

The Exaltics remix for No Comment 9001

No Comment 9001 - The Exaltics Remix | Out now!

It wasn’t until she opened the old pocket watch – its timeworn silver surface glimmering slightly in the darkness – that she understood that something was terribly wrong. It was audibly pounding in her hand like some kind of bizarre metal heart. And it was decidedly running backwards. She could not move and she could not take her eyes off the spinning indicators. “Stop”, she whispered. Then again, louder this time: “Stop!”. The watch stopped and fell silent. She exhaled and moved uneasily on the spot. The floorboards creaked. Wait. The floorboards? There weren’t any floorboards in her room. It was all concrete and glass and…. her room wasn’t there anymore. She was standing in an old workshop brimming with ancient-looking machinery covered in sawdust. No-one was operating the equipment but their ghostly echoes were still floating through the air; buzzing, hammering, humming – almost melodic to her ears. The pocket watch came to life in her hand, acting as a steady metronome to the spectral orchestra. She wasn’t home anymore. But it certainly was.