The Exaltics Live

For over 20 years by now Robert Witschakowski is a part of the  
electronic music scene. He started his career as resident DJ at the  
Club Kasablanca in Jena, where he performed with big players such as  
Robert Hood, Jeff Mills or Claude Young. While organizing several  
Electronica parties in and around Jena he was able to show his talents  
and give the parties/ music his own drive. Robert founded the project
The Exaltics in 2006 as well as the electro/ techno label SolarOneMusic
with his long term friend Nico Jagiella.

Since then he published countless 12"s and several LP's with labels  
like Clone, Crème Organization, Bunker or his own label SolarOneMusic.
He turned his deep cinematic and most of all charismatic electro into  
his own trademark. Another signature are his special dark driven Acid Techno. During his live performances Robert works with a well known
Berlin Artist to present his unique version of electro and acid music.
This duo guarantees pure energy during their live performances.

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